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Our references

Our references

ASA Kft. E.ON Zsana nyomásfokozás EPH, földelés, villámvédelem ATYS-co Kft. MOL Nyrt. Algyő gázsapkák termelésbe állítása H-I…III hőcserélő blokkok cseréje Emerson Process Management Kft EON

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Areas of expertise

Control technology division

The Control technology division’s main profile is engineering, development, design and system integration activities for control equipment and intelligent autonomous control systems

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Areas of expertise

Engineering division

The qualifications and experience of our designers enable us to provide our clients’ projects with a complex design, covering a wide range of disciplines.

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Areas of expertise

Instumentral control engineering

The main profile of the Power Business Unit is the development, design and implementation of high and low current systems, as well as the installation, commissioning and parameterisation of process control systems

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Solar system

Among renewable energy sources, photovoltaic systems are the most popular due to their ease of installation and maintenance. We offer our customers a complete turnkey

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