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Complex design, from experts

We are your complex industrial technology supplier from design to implementation and commissioning.

When implementing complex multidisciplinary projects, Turbo Tech Hungary’s EPC division achieves its goal by coordinating the work of its specialists in the field, thanks to its extensive knowledge base and up-to-date industrial technology.

Areas of expertise

Electrical Division

Development, design and implementation of high and low current systems, as well as installation, commissioning and parameterisation of process control systems

Instrumental control engineering activity

Engineering, development, design and system integration tasks related to control equipment and intelligent autonomous control systems

Software and hardware development

Development of software for customised measuring and monitoring devices, system automation and integration into existing environment

Mechanical Engineering

Our services extend beyond the energy sector, thanks to our experience and our own manufacturing capacity

Designing division

The skills and experience of our designers enable us to deliver complex, multi-disciplinary solutions for our clients' projects

Installation of technology

Our business is responsible for engineering, development, design and integration of gas, oil, petrochemical and chemical technologies

Solar power plants

Design and construction of commercial industrial solar power plants and solar systems – from implementation studies to commissioning.

Turnkey solutions, together with professional and technical support, including operational monitoring services.

Research & development

As a committed advocate of progress, we not only always promote the use of state-of-the-art technology, but also support the modernisation of industry through our own R&D projects in cooperation with several universities.



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