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Instumentral control engineering

The main profile of the Power Business Unit is the development, design and implementation of high and low current systems, as well as the installation, commissioning and parameterisation of process control systems
Our business is responsible for the engineering, development, design and integration of gas, oil, petrochemical and chemical technologies. Our specialists have extensive experience in the design of gas and oil, petrochemical and chemical process systems, as well as in construction, installation and commissioning management and maintenance
  • Mechanical installation and commissioning of compressor stations, nodes, gas transfer stations, sectioning stations, related to the gas and oil industry
  • Specification, technological sizing, installation and commissioning of gas engines, compressors, turbines and pumps.
  • Technological design, manufacture, construction and commissioning of self-contained, turnkey package units.
  • Maintenance and overhaul of assemblies.
  • Design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of technological equipment (tanks, heat exchangers, filters, etc.).

Instumentral control engineering vezetője

Main areas of activity:

  • Sizing of technological devices, strength dimensioning, manufacturing
  • Hydraulic sizing and simulation of piping systems. Welding and pipe fitting works for pipelines. Carrying out specialist tasks (scaffolding, corrosion protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, cladding).
  • Refurbishment, maintenance and installation of gas turbines and steam turbines.
  • Implementation, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of individual technologies.
  • Professional advice and technical support.
  • Assessment of technological systems, analysis of measured data, studies.

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