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Control technology division

The Control technology division’s main profile is engineering, development, design and system integration activities for control equipment and intelligent autonomous control systems
Perform engineering, development, design and system integration tasks related to control equipment and intelligent autonomous control systems.

Our experts have extensive experience in the design, construction, installation and commissioning management of control, data acquisition, instrumentation and tele-mechanical systems in the following areas:

  • Instrumentation, control and instrumentation control equipment for compressor stations, nodes, gas transfer stations, switching stations, related to the gas and oil industry.
  • Intelligent gas analysis equipment, yield calculators, gas engines, unit control systems, station control systems.
  • Outdoor and indoor instrumentation for stations and nodes.
  • Within the framework of the explosion-proof test station: maintenance and repair of flame- and explosion-proof electrical products.

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Main areas of activity:

  • Within the framework of the RB test station: maintenance and repair of flame and explosion-proof electrical products.
  • Design of industrial process control systems, specification of hardware and software tools related to the design, involvement in various phases of design, control, measurement data acquisition and telemechanical systems, programming.
  • Design of computer displays for human-machine interfaces, creation and implementation of applications.
  • Engineering tasks related to the design and selection of DCS, SCADA and telemechanical systems.
  • Development of industrial process control, SCADA and tele-mechanical systems, implementation of modifications to hardware and software applications, maintenance of these systems and their components (fault diagnosis and repair, regular maintenance and condition-based refurbishment).
  • Performing engineering tasks related to the installation, operation and maintenance of individual or local measuring instruments, intelligent measuring equipment, field telemechanical stations, data acquisition equipment.
  • Providing professional advice and technical support.
  • Carrying out measurements for modelling technological systems, analysing measured data and preparing studies.

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